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Single tickets

Each film and short film program costs 5 euros. You will find the ticket link on the respective page of the film. After you have paid, you can stream the film for 24 hours via Vimeo between June 9 and 14, 2020. For more information, please see our FAQ page.
You can watch the two-part drama A Stranger in Shanghai for free.
The complete film program can be found here.

10-Ticket Package

You can buy a 10-ticket package for the films in our shop:

Important: When ordering, you must already specify all 10 films / short film programs you wish to see. Our ticketing team will then send you an e-mail with the respective codes to unlock the films no later than 1-2 days after receipt of your order. During the festival period from June 9 to 14, 2020 you can then select the desired film and enter the respective code when clicking on “Rent”. You will then not have to pay for the film anymore. Now you can watch the film for 24 hours.

Please keep in mind: Cards of 10-ticket packages are only available within Germany.


Free events (without registration)

The events in the daily livestream on Vimeo from June 9 to 14, 2020 are free of charge. You can find the participation link on the respective event page.

Festival Opening
Opening Concert: Music From Okinawa
Film Talks
Concert: Duo Fuga
Concert: Japanese Film Music On Piano
Concert: Shakuhachi-Konzert With Jim Franklin
Concert: jujumo
Concert: Kosame NISHIYAMA
Concert: Sawa Angstrom
DJ-Set: Nippon In The Mix – neelie. live set
Interactive Event: Baby-Shiatsu
Interactive Event: Ninjutsu
Interactive Event: Origami
Interactive Event: Rajio Taiso – Japanese Radio Gymnastics
Interactive Event: Zen Meditation
Nippon Game Center Talk
Nippon Kids: Kamishibai – Japanese Paper Theater
Performance: Usaginingen
Performance: Rakugo – Japanese Comedy With Katsura Sunshine
Panel Discussion: Female Futures? – New Visions Of Women In Japan
Panel Discussion: Nippon Connection 2020 – Two Decades Of Japanese Cinema
Panel Discussion: The Post-COVID Future Of Japan’s Film Industry
Panel Discussion: Yukio MISHIMA übersetzen – Masken, Identitäten, Ideale
Lecture: The Kimono – Between Clothing And Cultural Heritage
Lecture: Discover Nishi-Awa
Lecture: Explore Shizuoka
Lecture: Das Geheimnis der Filmvertonung
Lecture: Frauen im japanischen Kino der Gegenwart
Lecture: Robotopia Nipponica Revisited
Lecture: Small Screen, Big Titles
Lecture: Traumreise Japan

Free events (with registration)

The following events are free of charge, but require registration. You will find the link on the respective event page:

Subtitling Workshop
Online Karaoke

Events subject to charge

The following events are subject to a fee. You will find the ticket link on the respective event page:

Gyotaku-Workshop 8 €
Performance: Jirokichi The Rat – A Benshi Performance by Ichiro KATAOKA 6 €
Cooking Course For Kids: Dainty Dang Dumplings 10 €
Cooking Course: Vegan Sushi 10 € 
Manga Workshop For Kids With Katharina SATO 8 €
Manga Workshop With Christina Plaka 8 € 
Nippon Heimkino At Home 6 €
Tea-Workshop 6 €
Workshop: Japanese for Kids 5 €
Workshop: Japanischer Gin und Botanical-Spirits 38 €
Workshop: The KonMari Method – Cleaning Up With Joy And System 8 €
Workshop: Sake@Home 55 €


If you have further questions, please write an e-mail to: