Nagisa OSHIMA (1932 – 2013) studied political history at the University of Kyoto. He then became a film critic and later editor-in-chief of a film magazine, before learning his craft as an assistant director at Shochiku Studios. With his own production company Sozosha, he created pioneering films in the field of Japanese New Wave cinema, making his international breakthrough with IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (AI NO CORRIDA) in 1976.


新宿泥棒日記, 日本 1969 (監督) NC20
新宿泥棒日記, 日本 1969 (脚本) NC20
忍者武芸帳, 日本 1967 (監督) NC14
忍者武芸帳, 日本 1967 (脚本) NC14