Naoki ICHIO 一尾直樹


Nippon Cinema   ª 

"A love story then, but with a dripping tap and a nagging bad smell." - Tony Rayns
Tokio finds his wife Kumiko lifeless in the bathtub. He wanders through the apartment, wants to make a phone call, breaks off, cries, puts the body on the living room sofa, gets drunk - the next morning the supposedly dead woman wakes him up. Tokio is happy at first, but he cannot get away from the thought: His wife was dead. The apartment starts to smell strangely, and Kumiko has a similar suspicion... The male lead role is played by Shinya TSUKAMOTO (TETSUO, TOKYO FIST), who is known as director and actor. A captivatingly claustrophobic study of alienation, reminiscent of Buñuel.

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A Drowning Man (NC 2002)

Oboreru hito

日本 2001

82 分

About Naoki ICHIO

Naoki ICHIO, born in 1965, worked in radio and theater. He is a lecturer at Nagoya Visual Arts College. A DROWNING MAN, inspired by his personal marriage situation, is his first directorial work in 16mm.