Japan Foundation

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Branded To Kill, Japan 1967, NC05 (World sales)
Carmen From Kawachi, Japan 1966, NC05 (World sales)
Detective Bureau 23: Go To Hell, Bastards!, Japan 1963, NC05 (World sales)
Harbour Toast: Victory Is In Our Grasp!, Japan 1956, NC05 (World sales)
Heat-Haze Theatre, Japan 1981, NC05 (World sales)
Tokyo Drifter, Japan 1966, NC05 (World sales)
Youth Of The Beast, Japan 1963, NC05 (World sales)
Yumeji, Japan 1991, NC05 (World sales)
Zigeunerweisen, Japan 1980, NC05 (World sales)
Tokyo Story, Japan 1953, NC20 (Film print)
Where Chimneys Are Seen, Japan 1953, NC20 (Film print)
Diary Of A Shinjuku Thief, Japan 1969, NC20 (Film print)
The Insect Woman, Japan 1963, NC20 (Film print)
Akira, Japan 1988, NC20 (Film print)

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