Paula Nishikawara - Gyotaku

Artist, Vancouver (Canada)

Welcome to the site featuring Paula Nishikawara: 

Here, I make a selection of my Gyotaku pieces available for sale. On this site, I am a “featured artist”, so make sure to click the dropdown menu under “Featured Artists” and choose Paula Nishikawara. 

All the works are original one of a kind pieces. There are no multiples and reproductions available at this time. The works have been made in a traditional manner. The historical artisans felt that the print itself need not be added to or retouched if the artist’s skills and techniques were masterful and their relationship with their subject was honored. The only part of the artwork that is to be added with a painted hand is the eye of the fish bringing energy and completing a cycle of life and death.

As I love this fish I contemplate:

Did we evolve from fish

easily disregarded in this other world of water

unseen often unknown

food industry

Scales, fins, gills, shapes, species

swimming, gliding, thrashing, contorting


You will find more pieces on my website
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I will also present a Gyotaku workshop during Nippon Connection this year.